This section has a wealth of information to support you, both as carer who is being cared for in hospital, or a carer who is caring for someone using the hospital services.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust recognises and values the contribution a carer can make and the expert knowledge they have of the condition of the person they are supporting.



The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) handles patient, family and carer concerns, by liaising with staff, managers and, where appropriate, relevant organisations, to negotiate immediate or prompt solutions.  If necessary, they can also refer patients and families to specific local or national based support agencies.

For more information visit Contacting PALS.


General information

For general carers information, including carers' assessments, claiming benefits, young carers and carers' wellbeing, visit the following links:

For local carers' information visit your local Council website and go to Health and Social Care.  This will have all the information on support available in your area.

All carers should be encouraged to register as a carer with their local GP and with the local Carers' Association who run a carer's emergency alert card scheme.


Young carers

Young carers are children between the ages of 5 and 19 years who help to look after a member of the family who is sick, disabled, has mental health problems, or is misusing drugs or alcohol.  Wakefield District Young Carers and Kirklees Young Carers provide valuable support to help reduce the caring responsibilities and encourage them to access local services such as sports clubs, support groups and health centres.

Contact details 


Caring associations

The local carer support organisations can offer information and advice on how to get help with caring benefits and finances, equipment and details of local support groups.  They also provide a 'listening ear' and emotional support.  In the area covered by our Trust, these are:

More information is available from: