Accessibility Options

We want our website to be easy to use and as accessible as possible for everyone, using different types of computer systems and other devices.

An accessible website doesn’t exclude anyone because they have a visual impairment or another disability, because they are older or because they have a slow internet connection or lack of the latest software. It means that anyone can understand it, navigate around it and use its interactive services.


BrowseAloud - making websites talk

BrowseAloud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online, it will read websites out to you and highlight words as they are read out.

We have subscribed to the BrowseAloud service, enabling our website to be 'speech enabled' - making it accessible to a greater number of people. You can access BrowseAloud by clicking on the orange icon at the top right of the homepage on our website.




Our website can be translated into many different languages using the Google Translate function. You can access a variety of different language options by selecting your chosen language via the Google Translate icon at the bottom of every page on our website.

Please note that translations are not provided by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

In addition, we cannot be held liable for the content of the websites we link to. If you are in any doubt about what this means, or you identify any serious inaccuracies, please contact us via our Feedback form.


Make words larger or smaller

The text on our website can be made larger or smaller to make it easier for people to view, if needed. To change the size of the words, click on 'Accessibility tools' in the top right-hand corner of any of our web pages. You can also make the size of the text on our website larger by pressing 'Ctrl' and '+' or smaller by pressing 'Ctrl' and '-' on your keyboard.


Change the colours (contrast) of our site

The colour of the text and background (contrast) on our website can be changed to make it easier for people to view, if needed. To change the contrast, click on 'Accessibility tools' in the top right-hand corner of any of our web pages.


Adobe Acrobat

Some documents on our website are provided as Adobe PDFs. You can visit the Adobe website and download Adobe Reader.


Documents in other formats

If you need a document on our website in another format, please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service on: 01924 543686 or email:


If you feel there is anything more we can do to improve the accessibility of our website, please contact the Communications Department on 01924 543637.