The term dementia describes a set of symptoms that include loss of memory, mood changes and problems with communication and reasoning. Dementia UK estimates that between 750,000 and 820,000 people in the UK have dementia with the number expected to rise to more than 1 million by 2021.

It is estimated that over the next 10 years the number of people with dementia will triple. In addition, it is believed that at any one time, at least a quarter of hospital in-patients across England have dementia.


Forget-me-nots to help improve care for people with dementia

The quality of care for dementia patients is set to improve with the help of a small blue flower.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s Forget-Me-Not scheme aims to provide better services for people with the condition at its hospitals in Pinderfields, Pontefract and Dewsbury and reassure their loved ones that they are receiving the best possible care.

At the centre of the scheme is the blue flower symbol of the Forget-Me-Not.

The Forget Me Not campaign involves placing the blue flower symbol in patients’ case notes and above their beds, with the permission of the patients and relatives, to help ensure those with the condition are easily identified by staff and their care is planned accordingly. Staff are given ‘golden nuggets’ of information that tell them all about the person they are caring for, listing their likes and dislikes, their daily routine, what food they enjoy eating and  what distresses them.

The scheme was rolled out at elderly care wards in Pinderfields in late March. It has now been launched on elderly care wards at Dewsbury and Pontefract Hospitals.

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Dementia blue forget me not symbol


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